Tangled Up in Blue(berries) Part 1: The Perfect Cocktail

My husband Paul is the bartender of the house. He prides himself in managing a well-stocked bar and an arsenal of cocktail concoctions up his sleeve. I thoroughly enjoy coming home on a Friday (or possibly any day of the week) to a vigorously shaken martini waiting on the kitchen island for me to take a sip. I veer on the side of control freak, but relinquish all of that when I’m asked, “What do you want to drink?” A “surprise me” response never leaves me disappointed. Cosmopolitan, key lime, pomegranate, grape. It’s all good. And I figured so would a martini made with blueberry infused vodka.


Cue the multitude of blueberries in the fridge! When you infuse vodka, or almost any alcohol for that matter, it’s important to choose a mid-grade product, i.e. stay away from the plastic handles on the bottom shelf your college budget could afford, but no need to splurge on the Grey Goose up top. Absolut it is. So after halving 2 cups of blueberries and distributing them among two large mason jars, I poured the vodka and gave each a shake before placing them in a cool dark spot in the back of my pantry.

Now as I often do with recipes, I consulted multiple sites to determine the suggested length of time for the infusion. Three days was the least amount of time and one month was the max. I opted for three and was pretty happy with the results. Every few days I gave them a lil’ shake and when all was said and done, I strained the vodka and put the bottle in the fridge for future enjoyment.

I was really looking forward to whatever Paul was going to mix up for me. So when he asked, “blueberry muffin martini?” my response was, “Yesssssss!” So here it is:

Blueberry muffin martini-

2 shots blueberry vodka

1 shot vanilla rum

1/2 shot cinnamon schnapps

Garnish with blueberries and even rim the glass with cinnamon and sugar. Cheers!