Hi! I’m Jen, a married 30-something with two amazing step-kids living in a tiny town in Maryland. I am an emerging vegetable gardener who spends an exorbitant amount of time in the kitchen. Seriously, it’s pretty bad. My joy comes from creating delicious and healthy meals (with some occasional overindulgence) from what I grow or, when my green thumb blackens, what I have to resort to at the farmer’s market (or grocery store).

jen and wine
Did I mention I love wine?

For as long as I can remember, I’ve had issues with weight and body image. My transformation to a positive relationship with food occurred after reading Michael Pollan’s In Defense of Food where he succinctly identifies the key to healthy eating: “Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants.” SAY WHAT?!?! You mean the fat-free salad dressings and reduced fat cookies won’t trim my waistline?! What about a diet of meat, meat and more meat with a few low-starch veggies that is devoid of carbohydrates? His mantra is so simple and yet it totally resonated with me.

My silly boy Tabasco on the hunt for squirrels

So I went to the source of my food and got down and dirty in my backyard. Three 4’x8′ raised beds later (thanks, hubby!), I have a hobby, a form of therapy and something tangible (and delicious!) that I can share with my family and friends. WIN! WIN! WIN!

So The Scrumptious Garden reflects my approach to food: wholesome, nutritious and minimally processed; it highlights the occasional snafus associated with gardening (What will I do with all these green beans?); and demonstrates my support for the local and sustainable food movement. Enjoy!


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