Harvest Update

My experience with gardening has seemed to become taking two steps forward and one step back. I’m always making progress through the mastery of a few skills, but seemingly at the expense of another. One summer my harvest is bountiful with summer squash and the following I’m purchasing the fruits of another’s labor at the farmer’s market (darn you, squash borers!).

Zucchini blossom
Zucchini blossom

Sure, it’s like that for any gardener and maybe that’s part of the enjoyment of it (though I’m not doing this for my health, peeps….okay, maybe I am). But don’t we all want something successful to come from our efforts? And consistently, for that matter? Absolutely!

I made a valiant attempt this year to grow my own plants from seeds (got them here). It’s so exciting to see little seedlings sprout in March before the weather conditions allow anything viable to grow outside. There’s so much potential and promise in those tiny seeds. And it’s a welcoming reminder that warm weather will soon be upon us.

Buttercrunch lettuce
Buttercrunch lettuce

So everything was off to a great start! Herbs, summer squashes, cucumbers, three varieties of tomatoes and even brussel sprouts were on their way! Until they weren’t. And everything started to shrivel. I couldn’t figure it out. It’s not like the transplants were root-bound from being confined to a small pot. The root system wasn’t developed at all! Not enough water, maybe? Ah well, I remedied what I could (only the cucumbers, tomatoes, basil and oregano survived) and planted the rest directly in the ground from seed. Fortunately, everything took hold, but at a slower pace than I had hoped. So here we are with it:

Park's Whopper Tomatoes
Parks Whopper Tomatoes
Cucumber Munchers
Cucumber Munchers


Bright Lights Swiss Chard
Bright Lights Swiss Chard

Hopefully soon I’ll be posting my culinary experiences from veggies I’ve harvested in my own garden! Stay tuned!


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