Welcome to the Blog-O-Sphere!

So I finally did it! At the recommendation of my friends who told me to “Go blog about it,” I summoned up the energy (actually I was pretty bored) and courage (I hate rejection) to put myself out there and assume I could offer the internet something that it wasn’t already saturated with! Well, I know that’s not true, but who’s to say I can’t offer something valuable to someone else? At the very least, this blog can be my testament to what I’m doing with my life and how I spend my time. So, always a fan of the Transcendentalist movement, I lead with this quote:

emerson self


4 thoughts on “Welcome to the Blog-O-Sphere!

  1. Jen, Really enjoyed The Scrumptious Harvest, and knowing the chef – horticulturist behind it all. Your unique way with words will undoubtedly bring more readers than you can possibly imagine.

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